• Stable, Sturdy, All Climate & All Ground
  • Operational Wind Speed — 150 km/hr
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Benchmarked combination of Payload-Weight-Max. & Min. Height
  • Leg Flattening up to Ground Level
  • Independent Leg Adjustment Flexibility
  • Adjustable Flip Leg Lock for Quick Deployment & Pack up
  • Silent Operation
  • Enter Hook for Hanging Accessories
  • Illuminated Bubble Level
  • Compass — SUUNTO Mini Clipper
  • Non Magnetic (DMC Compatible)
  • Spiked Anchor, Wear & Tear Resistant and High Friction Urethane based Foot Grip with Pinning Hole
  • CORDURA Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap





Spiked Anchor, Pinning Hole with Wear & Tear Resistant and High Friction Urethane based Foot Grip This strong, rugged, durable, all terrain and all weather compatible foot is designed to provide grip on hard surface and anchor any other surface and capable of taking payloads upto 250kg at any conditions. With high coefficient of friction the foot performs on harder terrain like cement, tiles, and floors without skidding and gives stronger grip. For all other terrains it has spikes on the opposite side of the shoe which can penetrate the soft surfaces giving stronger grip. Pinning hole is provided to pin it with the ground for long exposures The foot can be rotated by 360 degrees to adjust in any terrain.


Clamping Mechanism

Quick clamping of tripod tubes using strong clamp mechanism. This rigid mechanism can hold heavy payloads upto 250kg for prolonged time with zero relative movement under extreme temperature and weather condition. Quick sliding out of the inner leg when latch is opened and extremely rigid joint when latch is closed preventing micron level movement for fast deployment. Ergonomically and aesthetically designed Latch for convenient use.


Leg Adjustment Mechanism

Independent Leg Adjustment FlexibilityInnovative and optimized design of the leg angle switching mechanism makes the tripod torsionally stiff. The mechanism ensures there is no displacement in angle, once it is SET. Ergonomically designed Leverage of Leg Angle switch optimized to be operated with minimal force. Ergonomically designed and designated areas of human contact ensuring, better convenience and firmer grip which ensures faster and smoother deployment.